July 28, 2021

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4 Brilliant Dining Tables with a Majestic Appearance 

Dining tables alone can transform the look of interiors manifolds. Hence, picking the right table is a very important task. Besides, why buy something substandard when there are so many exquisite pieces that you can find if only you know how to look at the right places? We have made this guide especially to guide you through an aisle of 4 brilliant dining tables that will caste a spell on you from the minute you lay eyes upon them. So, let’s not keep you waiting anymore and quickly start with the list of dining tables you should bring home. 

  1. The Barrington Dining Table

Who said that uniqueness has to go overboard? The Barrington dining table is an example of sheer sophistication that isn’t too much of anything. The stunning features that we’re talking about are as follows. 

  1. It’s a four pedestal table. 
  2. It’s designed with 2 18″ extensions. 
  3. It features a table top with dark walnut finish. 

The best part about the table is that it is enveloped in a beautiful horizontally striped pattern. 

  1. Affinity Dining Table

Some furniture items are really classic pieces with a language of their own. The Affinity Dining Table, for example, speaks the language of timeless decor. Buy it once, you won’t have to buy anything else to decorate the dining room at all. 

  1. It is a stunning black beauty that sets a bewitching contrast with the gold tint in the pedestal. 
  2. The pedestal features fan-shaped stripes in golden color. 
  3. It features a round table top made of black glass. 


  1. Basile Oval Dining Table

If you always wanted a dining table with a touch of vintage look topped up with a bit of dramatic appearance, then the Basile Oval Dining Table is made just for you. 

  1. It has a beautiful oval shape. 
  2. You’d be amazed at the intricate detailing on the table top – Fumed Figured style that’s made of Maple veneers with Tiger stripe pattern all over. 
  3. It features Taupe Silver Leaf accents. 
  4. It’s a dramatic extendable table with 2 leaves that are 24″ each. 
  5. The legs are adorned with a touch of metal ferrules.


  1. Benjamin Oval Dining Table

This double pedestal dining table features geometric shapes that makes it look like a piece of modern art. And that’s not all. It has many other USPs that you shouldn’t miss. 

  1. It’s made of ebony with a satin smooth finish. 
  2. The tabletop precisely features an interlocked lattice pattern. 
  3. The tabletop features one Taupe Silver Leaf and the patterns are made with a gold stencil. 

These are the 4 clear winners that we have segregated from the choice of hundreds. Bring them home and you’ll see how they can transform a simple dining room into a magnificent one without much effort.