October 19, 2021

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5 Signs You Urgently Need a Blocked Drain Specialist

Sometimes we try to DIY clogged toilets and sinks at home and we emerge quite successful.  With all the tools and drain solutions available in the market, plus a little bit of YouTube tutorials, we might be able to save a good amount of money from fixing it ourselves rather than hiring a local professional in Sydney.

However, there comes a time when no matter what we do, we simply can no longer address the problem that we seem to constantly battle from our drains.  What are these tell-tale signs that it is time to call for a blocked drain specialist?

1. Bathroom or kitchen sinks drain slow

You might have already poured hot water or a chemical advertised online, or used some tools that could solve a blocked drain problem. Yet, the water still drains much slower than usual.  This might be a sign of a clog, a build-up, or a more serious problem somewhere down the pipeline.  It is time to schedule for your drain specialist in order to fix this problem, and clear out your pipes before they get worse.

2. Foul odour or an unusual smell

A stinky smell coming from our pipes and drains is a clear sign that there has been a nasty clog that’s been sitting in your pipes for quite some time.  Food particles and grease are usually the culprit of these foul odours, as they constantly build-up over time.  They decompose in your pipes especially during the hotter months, and emit strong bad odour. This is very unhealthy and unpleasant for your family, so the moment you start to notice something that stinks, don’t hesitate to call for professional help.

3. Water backs up in sinks and tubs

If water drains and comes back up, this is a sure-fire sign that something is blocking your drains or pipes.  This is very unsanitary as the water that comes back up has already been contaminated with decaying particles that are stuck in your drains, aside from the severe water damage it can cause to your flooring or sink. Blocked drain Sydney specialists are easy to contact and can help you with this problem.

4. Toilets always overflow when flushed

You might find plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to fix clogged toilets because this is quite normal.  But if none of these techniques really work, then there must be something down in your toilet that blocks the flow of water.

5. Noises coming from your toilets, sinks and bathtubs

If you hear a gurgling or bubbling noise whenever you flush or drain water, chances are there is something in there that’s blocking its smooth flow, and it changes course or pushes through small spaces, hence, creating the noise.

When you see any of these signs, it’s time to stop relying on your own tools and call a specialist.  Ignoring and failing to address these signs will create bigger problems and costs more than what you would normally spend.