November 27, 2021

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Are You Aware of The Advantages of Residential Solar Energy?

A few years back, residential solar energy was quite an impractical idea to own for most homeowners. The available technology was not good enough and it was a very expensive proposition for any homeowner.

Only the government or some big corporations could afford such solar systems. But thanks to the latest advances in technology, now residential solar power Perth has become affordable for many ordinary people too. Northern Perth Electrical can design and install solar panels and batteries for the customers of Perth and another Western Australia.

Now let us list out a few advantages of having a solar system Perth at your home.

  • Reduce your electricity bills

You can see a great saving on your electricity bills because you are now using power from your own solar panels rather than from your electricity grid.

  • Receive Government-sponsored rebates

The Australian Government now offers financial incentives through their Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, and the consumers are issued with certain tradable certificates that will be eligible solar PV systems.

  • Ensure that your lifestyle remains affordable

There will not be any additional expenses and hence there will be no change in your lifestyle.

  • Better return on your investment

There will be enough savings on your electricity every month that will pay back the cost of your solar panel quite soon.

  • Enhance your home’s value

These days solar power has great demand. If you plan to rent or sell your home a solar photovoltaic system will be considered a popular feature and that may add market value.

  • Better for the environment

There will be no greenhouse gas emissions as the electricity will be made from sunlight instead of burning fossil fuels.

  • Low maintenance

With occasional cleaning coupled with a regular health check by a certain licensed electrical contractor, solar panel Perth can last for around 25 years.

So, it makes sense for every homeowner to go for solar energy.