October 19, 2021

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Does your heater also smell like burning?

When you are living in an area where you enjoy warm weather, but when the cold night arrives, you have to open the home’s heater. It is a successfully designed product used for keeping your home and family cozy in the winter season.

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult when your heater stops working and starts making a burning odor. You might think that it is a minor problem, it is better to clear that such problem can become severe and you have to contact air conditioning service. There is no point to be late in making a quick appointment with the service provider.

Keeping that in mind, there are some reasons behind your heater might smell.

  • Maybe vents are closed

Many times we think that closing the vents can help in saving energy. But, the scenario is different because it causes hot air to get trapped inside the room and start giving off the burning smell. So, you should open the vents and call the technicians.

  • Clogged filters

With the continuous running of a heater, the air filter inside it may have too much dust and contaminants. Due to the clogged filter, your HVAC system has to work very hard. Hence, the overworked motor results in causing a burning smell.

  • The dust is burning

During the summer, the dust that gets passed through the heating elements starts burning. This smell will automatically go when you run the heater for about half an hour.

  • Malfunctioned furnace

A burning smell is a clear indication that something is not good. The issues could be relayed to filters, dust, and vents. In such a scenario, you have to call qualified professionals who are experts in repair and replacing the heater.

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