April 13, 2021

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Granite Countertops – The Many Reasons that They’re Worth the Money Spent 

Interior decorators, globally, suggest using either granite or marble or quartz as kitchen countertops. Each of the three has their unique characteristics. But, this guide is specially created to describe the beauty of granite kitchen countertops. So, let’s dive head first and explore the amazing benefits of installing granite countertops. 

  1. Uniqueness is the Middle Name of Granite 

There’s not a single soul on Earth who wouldn’t want to have at least one thing that nobody else can have, no matter how much price they pay. That’s the kind of uniqueness that granite offers. 

Always remember, that no two pieces of granite can ever, EVER, be the same. They’re unique and different. So, you can be rest assured that the countertop that you have no one else in the world can have. Isn’t that something you’d want? 

  1. Granite Can Last Twice the Age of Your Dog

Yes. That’s right. What we mean is that granite countertops can last for over 2 decades. And by lasting we do not mean a dull, worn out, and shabby piece of stone. We mean a scintillating, beautiful, and perfect piece. Don’t be surprised since granite has all the potential to last for 20 even 30 years. The only thing that you have to ensure is that the sealing is changed once in every 2 to 3 years. 

  1. Granite is Heat Resistant

Even if you place an extremely hot pan, it won’t damage the surface of granite. And that’s what real heat resistance is. 

Remember, granite is actually molten lava that’s formed over a period of hundreds of years. What can resist heat better than lava? In clearer words, there’s no stone that can tackle heat the way granite does. 

  1. Granite is Hygenic

The only requirement for granite to get water resistant is that it should be properly sealed before installation. Once that’s done, granite is as good as waterproof. If the slab can’t absorb water, it means it can’t absorb moisture and it can’t absorb stains. This is where hygiene pops up:

  1. Without stains there won’t be germs and bacteria. 
  2. Without moisture there won’t be foul odor. 

Some other benefits of sealed granite that you should know are as follows.

  1. It doesn’t develop scratches. 
  2. It can be used to make bread and chop since it is hygienic.
  3. It is extremely easy to clean the surface.

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