April 13, 2021

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Let’s debunk myths related to metal roofs together

For many years, both residential and commercial buildings make use of metal roofs. With time, the popularity of such roofing is increasing, especially when we have to buy it for residential purposes. The reason behind it is the durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetical designs such roofing is offering to the customers. Though with the growing popularity, there are still certain misconceptions that need to be clear before you buy them.

Myth 1 – These roofs attract lightning

If you also think so, we want to tell you here that light strikes the things which are closest to it. Hence, trees and telephone poles are often struck by light. The metal roofs actually don’t attract the lighting.

Myth 2 – Make so much noise when it rains

You also must have heard your roof making a sound when it rains. But, it shouldn’t be expected when you have a metal roof. It is because metal rood is usually combined with roof deck provides insulation from the sound.

Myth 3 – They can easily get dented

As compared to asphalt roofs, metal roofs are much durable. That means, even in extreme weather conditions, your roof will not going to get harm. Therefore they have become an ideal choice for residential buildings.

Myth 4 – The temperature of your home increases

This is an absolutely wrong conception made for metal roofs. Actually, the metal works by reflecting the UV rays as compared to others. Furthermore, they also release solar heat very quickly. This is an indication that it will automatically reduce the heat load.

Myth 5 – It will rust quickly

Technology has made us come a long way and the same applies to metal roofs. The metal used for roofing is specially designed which withstand not only the poor weather but also the rusting.

Myth 6 – They are very heavy

The fact is metal roofs are usually much lighter than an asphalt roof. Hence, they are counted amongst the lightest roofing option available in the market.

These myths are only a few ones that must be cleared by everyone who is reading this and looking for the option for roofing. Metal roofing Seattle by Guardian Home is offered to you at affordable prices.