April 13, 2021

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Protecting your plumbing system from the tree roots


Pipes are known to be a good supplier of nutrients to tree roots. They usually transfer the water, oxygen, and nutrients that roots can easily soak up. Furthermore, the vapors can also easily get escape from pipes to the soil and roots to start growing towards the moisture. The root will start making cracks and a small hole that widen up the holes and make the condition worse. Luckily, we have some methods by which it is simple to prevent the problems before you face a big problem.

Using auger for removing the tree roots

The best method to make the tree root coming out from pipes is using a mechanical auger. Have you ever heard of this? It is designed as a device having a rotating spiral head that can go down to the plumbing system and enter the circumference of pipes. Though, the solution is not permanent. It just cut the roots not kill them completely.

Using the chemicals

The chemical is another method by which you can kill the tree roots. Copper sulfate crystals are a common chemical used during the process. You can easily find this at the garden supply stores. in the process, you can pour a half cup into the toilet and flush till the crystals get emptied.

Hydro Jetter

Hydro Jetter is an expensive option, but worthy to achieve the goal. The machine makes use of high-pressure water that passes through the piping. You will also find a spiral tip at the end of the nozzle. When the force of water comes, the tree roots get sheared out and come from the plumbing system. But, the only problem is that it is not a permanent solution. Therefore, if you use Hydro Jetter, combine it with the chemicals.

Digging up the roots

The mess created by the roots can be cleared by digging up the roots, which is actually the last option left. The professionals you contact to do a camera inspection that helps in finding the worst damage and replace the damaged things.

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