October 19, 2021

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Dripping faucets, old leaking pipes, clogged drains and toilets, low water pressure, failing sewer lines, busted water heater, wobbly toilet seat, and the list goes on. These are a few of the most common plumbing problems that we may encounter anytime. Some of these issues may be simple enough and can be handled without difficulty, while others can cause major damage to your property and may bring potential danger to the homeowner if not addressed properly.

So, if your pipes and sewerage are constantly giving you headaches, better leave it to the experts! Hiring a professional plumbing contractor can give you a lot of benefits and can save you from hurting your wallet as well.

Below are five helpful tips that you might want to consider prior to hiring the right plumbing contractor for your home:


Always call a licensed or registered plumbing contractor in Summer Hill to do the job especially for major repairs. A certified plumber should know all the rules and regulations in performing his job and should complete his engagement accordingly. You can search online to double-check their credentials, unfavourable reviews, or if there are any pending complaints regarding their work.


A seasoned plumber should have several years of experience in handling various plumbing issues. Knowledge and skills are not acquired overnight. It takes years of exposure and practice for one to be an expert in this field.  A commercial plumber of 10 years has probably seen and handled all kinds of plumbing problems than those who have been in the business recently.

An urgent response to plumbing repairs is equally important, thus expert plumbers must be readily available and on-demand. Having to wait for a long period of time before help shows up can possibly worsen the situation and might end up costly.  A great tip — for the best 24 hour plumber Summer Hill services, AquaFlush has always been the top choice for most Australians.


Your contractor should be able to show you General Liability Insurance, this will serve as a protection for you and the plumber against property damage and work-related injuries. Having insurance can also save the contractor from potential financial risks that may affect the business and the company’s reputation.


A good plumbing contractor will guarantee their work. They know the importance of providing a satisfactory result and quality workmanship even after the job has been accomplished. If something goes wrong before the service guarantee expires, the plumber should willingly repair, replace and resolve the problem without having an additional cost to the homeowner and should be done within a reasonable timeline.


A plumber who initiates and regularly checks on your plumbing needs demonstrates excellent customer and follow-up service. Observing routine maintenance to ensure good condition of the plumbing system, will put the homeowner at ease and confident. This can also lead to establishing genuine business partner relationships and customer satisfaction.

Choose your plumber wisely. It is important to be comfortable and familiar with the plumber you will be working with. The contractor you hired now will eventually become the person you’ll go to when another plumbing issue arises. Hire someone who understands your needs and with whom you can easily communicate your concerns with.