October 19, 2021

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What signs you should read about the clogged air ducts?

cleaning ventilation plastic dust. the filter is completely clogged with dust and dirt. dirty ventilation in the room. Disinfection service.

If you don’t have an idea about HVAC, then every problem coming with the air duct can be alarming. There are few ways by which you can tell there is a problem with the air duct.

Does the temperature in different rooms is same?

Does your electricity bill is spiked up?

The prime symptom behind the clogged ducts is a difference in the temperature of the complete building. This means that the air duct is clogged and it is cutting off the air in some rooms. Though you have a thermostat, your HVAC would work harder to reach the set temperature. To find out the clogged ducts, it is advisable to turn on our HVAC and check every room. After this, put your hand in front of every vent so that you can get an idea about which one is blowing the air or which one not.

There are few ways by which you can easily fix the issues coming with the air ducts because of clogging.

  • Firstly, make sure that there is no furniture or wall hangings present in front of vents. Dust out the vents if there is dust collected around the vents.
  • Inspect your air filters and on finding any problem, change them immediately. The dirty ducts are responsible for preventing the airflow or sometimes circulate the dirty air.
  • Another reason could be the leaky and damaged ductwork. Use a flashlight to check whether the ducts are in the proper condition or not. If you find any kind of loose seams or opening, it is best to disconnect them before they get completely damaged.
  • The zone dampers present in the HVAC system are designed for controlling the flow of air. Hence, it becomes equally important to check them when there is an obstruction in the airflow.
  • The next thing you can use is an obstruction in the air duct. It could vary from dust, debris to pieces of the old filter. So, if you find any blocking ducts, it is better to replace them.

Mentioned are some of the simple fixes that make your HVAC system work appropriately. Call Climate Control Experts how to find the best HVAC contractor who can solve your problem easily.